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Our Goal $45,000 $38,485

About this Project

Our musical 210 Amlent Avenue has been accepted into the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF)! This means the show will have its first fully-staged production this July, complete with professional actors, costumes, sets, and everything else you’d expect to see when you attend a musical in New York City.

But we need your help to get there! NYMF will provide us with a theatre and technical framework, but beyond that we are acting as self-produced writers, so we need to raise the entire cost of the production before we start rehearsals. We want to bring this show to an incredible audience of industry professionals and musical theatre fans, and your tax-deductible donation will help us get there! No amount of support is too small.

We’ve been developing 210 Amlent Avenue for five years and the piece has grown and evolved so much in that time. The characters, story, and songs have really matured and being selected by NYMF tells us that the show is ready to be seen by a wider audience. This is the same festival that launched the lives of plays like Next to Normal and [title of show], and we want to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity! Please consider making a donation and joining us on this adventure.

* donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

What Your Donation Covers

  • $10 pays to print 50 programs to the show
  • $30 pays for the printing of the score
  • $50 pays for one hour of rehearsal for our band
  • $90 pays to dress one performer
  • $250 pays our LLC legal setup fees
  • $800 pays our entire costume budget
  • $1,200 pays the salary of one actor
  • $3,000 pays for the entire band for the festival run
  • $8,500 pays for all the actors for the festival run
  • $10,000 pays for the sets, costumes, lights, microphones, and venue fees for the run
  • $20,000 pays for all the people needed to put on this full-scale production: actors, musicians, designers, stage manager and director

We’ve crunched the numbers and will need $45,000 total to mount this production. We are so excited to have this opportunity, and you can help us get there!

How Do I Donate?

Through NYMF, we are able to accept tax-deductible donations for this project.

Donate via Check


You can donate by making out a check to “The New York Musical Theatre Festival” with “210 Amlent Avenue” written in the memo, and mail it to NYMF at 36 W. 44th Street, 1010A, New York, NY 10036. Include your email address for quick acknowledgement of your donation.

Donate Online

Click here to visit NYMF’s secure donation portal online and make sure “210 Amlent Avenue” is selected under “Earmark Your Donation.”

How Else Can I Help?

Whether or not you are able to give, we still need your support! You can:

This is a show and a story that we really believe in and we are ready for the opportunity to present our work in its first real production this July. We appreciate any help you can give!

—Karl & Becky

PS: Feel free to email us with any questions about the campaign. We want to keep you in the know!


$1 or more
You will get the satisfaction of knowing you helped to make our dreams come true!
$5 or more
You will receive a heartfelt social media thank you from our writers.
41 claimed
$25 or more
“...a girl from Nantucket”
StickerAll of the above and Becky will write you a personalized limerick. Plus we’ll send you a 210 Amlent Avenue sticker to adorn your car, fridge, or forehead!
50 claimed
$50 or more
Time for a Singalong!
mp3-icon2All of the above and we’ll send you a demo “cast recording,” featuring MP3s of all the songs that helped us get selected for this year’s Next Link Project.
59 claimed
$100 or more
All of the above, a signed page from the script, and Karl will write you a personalized song.
64 claimed
$500 or more
All of the above and a signed CD from the 2012 version of the show, featuring five songs that have been cut from the current production!
LIMITED: 9 of 15 claimed
$1,000 or more
All of the above, plus we’ll credit you as an “Associate Producer” in our program. We’ll also buy you a ticket to the show to say “thanks!”
5 claimed
$5,000 or more
VIP Access
All of the above, including an “Associate Producer” credit in our program, two tickets to the show, plus a backstage pass to attend a rehearsal!
LIMITED: 1 of 3 claimed
$10,000 or more
All of the above, six tickets to the performance of your choice, our heartfelt gratitude, and as a special thank you, we’ll credit you as “Producer” in the program.
LIMITED: 0 of 4 claimed
$20,000 or more
Did you know you are awesome? You’ll get all of the cool rewards above, and as a super-special thank you, you’ll become an Executive Producer on our show complete with a “presented by” credit on the title page of our program and all promotional materials.
LIMITED: 0 of 2 claimed

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