Video: “Nowhere Like” (2015 NYMF Preview)


Check out some songs from our 2012 demo recording of the show:

That’s My Man

Retired actress MRS. JORDAN sympathizes with SARAH, a younger actress, regarding the difficulties—and joys—of dating an artist. (sung by Kelley Sweeney)

One In a Million

Young poet JUDAH reflects on his newfound fame, when he runs into LESLIE, who has her nose buried in the book he wrote. (sung by Timothy Vallier & Mallory Vallier)

Do You Think She’s Pretty?

SARAH, a young actress, teases her boyfriend JUDAH about his apparent attraction to LESLIE. (sung by Meghan Ames)


Retired actress MRS. JORDAN and JUDAH, a young friend of the family, are sitting together looking through photo albums from the days when she and his recently-deceased parents were best friends. (sung by Kelley Sweeney)

You Have to Look After Yourself

Split stage: SARAH and NICK, having been spurned by JUDAH and LESLIE, give the other some advice, man-to-man and woman-to-woman. (sung by Meghan Ames & Jayme Liardi)

One Day

LESLIE tries to get JUDAH excited about getting to know her 5-year-old charge LUKE. (sung by Timothy Vallier & Mallory Vallier)

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